You’re Both Responsible for your Reproductive Health

It is often thought that the woman who will be carrying a child is more responsible for reproductive health. This simply isn’t the case – there are actually quite similar levels of infertility in men and women. This means that both partners need to take responsibility for their reproductive health if they want to conceive.

A large part of being able to conceive healthily is looking after your own personal health. Both the man and the woman should reduce alcohol intake, make sure they aren’t overweight, get plenty of exercise and have enough sleep. This will help the body to be in the best possible condition, and for the woman, to carry a baby once pregnant.

If you see any warning signs that you might not be able to conceive, for example, you have been trying for a long time, then you might want to see a professional. Don’t leave it too long, as there is plenty they can do to help, and if nothing is wrong, it will set your mind at rest.