Get your 7 a day

It used to be 5 a day but now it’s seven and next year it will probably be 9. We’re of course talking about fruit and vegetables, and there are many different ways to make sure your consuming fruit and veg while you’re at work.

A bowl of porridge with some blueberries is a great way to start the day, while carrot sticks as a snack are really quick and easy to scoff if you’re hard at work. Stir fries can be really good dinners and you can pack it with peppers, carrots, mushroom onions and other important vegetables.


Salads are really superb for lunches, and you can opt for Greek salads pasta salads or rice salads to mix it up from time to time. You don’t have to be a complete health freak either, and chocolate and fruit fondue may not be the healthiest but you’re still getting some of your 5 a day.