Gel Nails – Can they Be Good for your Nails?

False nails, gel nails and fibreglass tips are all popular looks for nails. Some will be better for your natural nails than others – but what about gel nails? If you don’t use the right kind of gel, then it can be really detrimental to the health of your natural nails. This is because they won’t be able to breathe underneath the gel, and the gel can be really quite damaging when it is taken off your nails.

It is possible to use gel that isn’t damaging, but you need to use the right type. Bio sculpture gel is one of the best kinds, as this lets nails breathe and uses a non-damaging formula. It can even help your nails to feel healthy and smooth when it is removed and you buff off all of the excess gel. Before you commit to a gel manicure, make sure you are choosing a non-damaging gel that will leave your nails beautiful.