3 Healthy Food Alternatives To Your Unhealthy Favourites

Are you a lover of all types of food but struggling to stick to a healthy diet for this reason? Don’t worry, we all feel the same! So many of our favourite everyday foods have healthier alternatives, below are three of our most popular replacements.

  1. Quinoa – If you love to eat rice, why not try and replace it with quinoa? It has 100% more protein and also 150% more fibre, so perfect for feeding your muscles.
  2. Coconut Oil – This one is an easy replacement and in most cases makes the food taste much better. If you use vegetable oil in your cooking, then try replacing it with coconut oil as the fat in the latter is said to help in weight loss.
  3. Stevia – This ingredient may be hard to find, but try stevia as an alternative to sugar.