Get Your Hair Treated With Mustard Oil

Are you conscious about the way your hair is? Tried all the shampoos and conditioners in the world and still not seen any improvements? Consider using mustard oil. Yes you’ve read that correctly, mustard oil!

The practice of using mustard oil originates from India, where aside for moisturising purposes, using mustard oil for scalp massages can help strengthen muscles in your head and help hair regrowth.

When using mustard oil in your hair, get a nice amount of oil and massage into your hair/scalp, as you would with shampoo. Then for best effect, cover your hair with a warm towel or shower cap for a couple of hours. If you don’t have enough time, then blow-dry your hair, which will help it absorb the oil. Then wash your hair, so you get rid of the smell. Depending on the severity of your hair problems, the recommended usage per week is 2-4 times.